As an AAPI, I’ve always believed that inclusion and equality bring together diverse cultures and backgrounds. We, together, are responsible, to be honest about how beauty is represented and the impact of the industry on our environment and those living in it.

I believe that as a beauty photographer, I have a responsibility to create and capture real and authentic images that are refreshingly honest and are relatable to the viewers. The right message can be so empowering and that is what I seek to accomplish with my work. I am working with various brands that are environmentally conscious and sustainability in the beauty industry is something I strive to see.

Preparation and planning are my secret superpowers. My transparency in all aspects of pre-production put everyone at ease, and I would have it no other way! Clear communication and openness about expectations go a long way in aligning with my client’s goals and is essential to my process.

I specialize in beauty, cosmetics, and skincare photography. I am a friendly and casual professional as a photographer/director. I shoot models of all cultures, ages, and skin textures and it’s important for me to set a stress-free environment to bring out the best from everyone involved! I’m a firm believer in cooperation for excellence and know that getting the best result is often a collaboration between the client, models, stylists, artists, and myself. 



"like shannon but shan."

I'm passionate about what I do, but I also hold myself responsible for the world around me. It's necessary for me to help where I can.

A donation is made quarterly, from my business revenue, to selected non-profits* to help fight climate change, contribute to ocean clean up and support animal rescues.

Selected non-profits listed below:

  • LA Animal Rescue: This is the rescue that saved my pup - Luna, who was abandoned in the desert. It's a small and local rescue family to LA area. 

  • Ocean Clean Up - Keep our ocean clean for the sea creatures - turtles and fish don't deserve to be living in trash. 

*More organizations will be selected, but for now, I'll be focusing on these two in 2024.